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     I love it when people call me and say, “Let me run this by you."®                          Attorney Bradley C. Pinta

Practice Areas


Corporate Law and Business Transactions

Helping entrepreneurs and growing businesses with their choice on entity, contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions and financing transactions.  Resolving often intricate contract disputes, probate litigation, and more.   Providing instructional seminars encompassing a variety of these types of issues and how problems can be avoided.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in hundreds of civil cases from the inception of the dispute through trial and/or formal dispute resolution proceedings.  

Commercial Real Estate

Establishing leases that address specifically needed terms and conditions, purchase and sale transactions, bank financing, appraisals, conveyances and other related legal issues.  Attorney Mark J. Shaffer, of counsel to the firm, has been representing buyers and sellers, as well as financial institutional lenders in all types of real estate transactions since 1988.  He provides additional expert counseling in conveyancing, which includes title examinations, title certifications, and title insurance.

Employment Law/Employment Law Seminars

Representing parties in non-compete agreements, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination.  Presenting his well-known and frequently requested seminar to business owners, providing instructions and recommendations as to how to correctly terminate an employee. 

Automobile Dealership Law

Working with complex agreements, financing, warranties, and the multitude of compliance regulations, having represented more than twenty-five automobile dealership entities in all types of civil disputes in almost forty years of practice.

Personal Injury

The wide range of personal injury claims are handled by Attorney Robert M. Nathan, of counsel to the firm.  Combining more than three decades of experience with an impeccable reputation and solid track record, Attorney Nathan provides expert, hands-on representation in this area of the law.

Attorney Bradley C. Pinta


Brad Pinta has a well-earned reputation for knowing how to quickly and effectively assess the most critical issues involved in a legal matter. With almost forty years of business and trial experience, he brings to the table a substantive and successful track record, having represented many small- and medium-sized companies and having litigated literally hundreds of civil cases. These perspectives prove invaluable in solving a client’s business disputes and problems. As a result of his experience, he is frequently solicited by existing and prospective clients with the opening comment, “Let me run this by you,” as they seek a preliminary direction for a particular legal situation.   

Since passing the Bar in 1981, he is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in Massachusetts. Brad received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Boston College in 1977, and his Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School in 1980. His family biography was featured in the Suffolk University Law School Alumni magazine, as Brad, his late father, brother, and eldest son have all attended the law school.   

In the early days of his legal career, Brad primarily focused his practice in commercial litigation disputes with an emphasis on the representation of a multitude of automobile dealerships in all aspects of their business endeavors. Thereafter, he became the managing partner of a Boston-based defense firm where he expanded his focus to professional malpractice, while still maintaining his specialization in representing his existing automotive clients. During this time period, Brad honed his skills as a trial lawyer, successfully handling a variety of difficult civil cases.   

In 1999, desiring a more hands-on approach to his case load and a utilization of his business acumen, he relocated his offices to the South Shore. Brad currently focuses his practice areas in civil litigation, business transactions, employment law, and commercial and residential real estate matters for a multitude of closely-held business owners. His firm’s of counsel lawyers, Mark J. Shaffer and Robert M. Nathan, are specialists in their respective areas of real estate and personal injury law and have worked with Brad in these capacities for over fifteen years.   

In 2014, Brad was selected to a Group Leader position of the Hingham chapter of ProVisors, which is an elite, bicoastal networking group of senior level trusted advisors. The chapter has developed into one of the most successful groups in the Boston area, boasting nearly forty members of established, diverse professionals. The relationships that Brad has developed with the members of these groups has served to complement his wide range of experience and to bring into a case, as needed, another professional who has an expertise in the issue being presented on any particular file. Also, as a part of the ProVisors network, Brad annually travels to Los Angeles for the company’s advanced Group Leader and networking training conference, which has also enabled him to expand his networking contacts to a nationwide level.   

Brad is also a member of My Pinnacle Network, a business to business networking organization. He is the past president of several successful BNI (Business Networking International) chapters, a similarly-focused networking franchise. As a result of his involvement in these organizations and in the community, Brad has become a frequent guest speaker at local seminars, teaching attendees how to appropriately terminate employees, within the bounds of Massachusetts Employment Law, as well as other legal issues that are important to small business owners. His extensive legal experience has prompted other local organizations and businesses to engage him to provide informal lectures and seminars on a wide variety of business-related topics. 

In his spare time, depending on the season, you will find Brad, along with Kim, either on the slopes at New Hampshire’s Loon Mountain Ski Resort or on the beaches of Rhode Island, as he is an avid and long-time skier and surfer.   

Meet Attorney Bradley C. Pinta

The Pinta Family and Suffolk University Law School Alumni Magazine Article

                                  Click on the PDF file below and read about the history of the Pinta family and Suffolk University Law School,                                             referenced above in the 'About PINTA Law Group, LLC' section.



As his clients attest to below, Brad’s efficient and cost-effective legal representation penetrates to the key issues quickly. He keeps you in the loop and at ease as the process unfolds.  

“Rodman Ford and its various commercial real estate holdings have had a strong working relationship with the Pinta family for two generations. That long-standing connection means that Brad Pinta has astute knowledge of the Rodman family business and auto dealership issues.   

“We started with Brad’s dad Irving as our legal counsel and when he passed away Brad assumed that key advisory role. His insight into our business and legal needs helps streamline the decision making process. Brad looks at not just the legal issues, but at the bigger picture to provide sound advice.   

“We are essentially in two businesses – an auto dealership and a portfolio of commercial real estate. Brad knows the intricacies of auto dealerships from agreements to financing to warranties. On the real estate side, Brad has developed prototype leases that outline terms and conditions that have served us well. He often helps with the purchase and sale, bank financing, appraisals, conveyances and other legal issues.   

“Brad knows how to keep me and other key people informed. He also documents everything well for future consideration.   

“Brad is a valuable extension of our team and will continue to be a key advisor.”   

Tom Jackson, CFO, Rodman Ford Sales, Inc.  

“To have a guy like Brad resolve things quickly and inexpensively is critical. He is quick to get to the facts and start battling on our behalf.   

“He is good at getting through the minutia and right to the point.  I’d say he is extremely effective.    

“We also use Pinta Law Group, LLC as a sounding board for various issues.  For example, I had problems with a residential contractor and Brad helped me view this with a clear head.     

“I don’t know how we’d do it without Brad.  On a broad spectrum of legal and business issues – he is our go-to guy.”   

Eric Hill, Eastex Products, Inc.    

“When I first met Brad I realized many things.  His leadership skills were outstanding, his passion was contagious and his understanding of networking and meeting others was natural.  Building the ProVisors organization in New England, I knew he was a great fit to lead our newest group in Hingham, and in a short period of time it became the largest in the area.  Brad's passion, likability and great sense of humor complement his incredible experience in practicing law.  ProVisors is a community of senior level trusted advisors consisting mostly of attorneys and accountants.  Many of the members within the organization confer with Brad on their most difficult cases. Time and time again Brad has been able to assist the members, as well as their clients, with complex legal issues.” 


Shep Becker, ProVisors Leadership Development Director    

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