As his clients attest to below, Brad’s efficient and cost-effective legal representation penetrates to the key issues quickly. He keeps you in the loop and at ease as the process unfolds.  

“Rodman Ford and its various commercial real estate holdings have had a strong working relationship with the Pinta family for two generations. That long-standing connection means that Brad Pinta has astute knowledge of the Rodman family business and auto dealership issues.   

“We started with Brad’s dad Irving as our legal counsel and when he passed away Brad assumed that key advisory role. His insight into our business and legal needs helps streamline the decision making process. Brad looks at not just the legal issues, but at the bigger picture to provide sound advice.   

“We are essentially in two businesses – an auto dealership and a portfolio of commercial real estate. Brad knows the intricacies of auto dealerships from agreements to financing to warranties. On the real estate side, Brad has developed prototype leases that outline terms and conditions that have served us well. He often helps with the purchase and sale, bank financing, appraisals, conveyances and other legal issues.   

“Brad knows how to keep me and other key people informed. He also documents everything well for future consideration.   

“Brad is a valuable extension of our team and will continue to be a key advisor.”   

Tom Jackson, CFO, Rodman Ford Sales, Inc.  

“To have a guy like Brad resolve things quickly and inexpensively is critical. He is quick to get to the facts and start battling on our behalf.   

“He is good at getting through the minutia and right to the point.  I’d say he is extremely effective.    

“We also use Pinta Law Group, LLC as a sounding board for various issues.  For example, I had problems with a residential contractor and Brad helped me view this with a clear head.     

“I don’t know how we’d do it without Brad.  On a broad spectrum of legal and business issues – he is our go-to guy.”   

Eric Hill, Eastex Products, Inc.    

“When I first met Brad I realized many things.  His leadership skills were outstanding, his passion was contagious and his understanding of networking and meeting others was natural.  Building the ProVisors organization in New England, I knew he was a great fit to lead our newest group in Hingham, and in a short period of time it became the largest in the area.  Brad's passion, likability and great sense of humor complement his incredible experience in practicing law.  ProVisors is a community of senior level trusted advisors consisting mostly of attorneys and accountants.  Many of the members within the organization confer with Brad on their most difficult cases. Time and time again Brad has been able to assist the members, as well as their clients, with complex legal issues.” 


Shep Becker, ProVisors Leadership Development Director